With globalization, in the recent decades, did change the world like a whirlwind. The explosion of a variety of technologies, lifescapes, mindsets and mediascapes revolutionised the media world. And the key-word "technologies" in particular made the advertising environment much more complex and simpler - simultaneously. Alaknanda, keeping pace with the ever changing times and rules of advertising, has been able to leave an indelible imprints on the minds of the experts and critiques too. In these nearly 30 years of our existence we honoured and updated our skills & talents as per the global advertising rules, and offered those precious nuggets of creativity, experience and wisdom with every campaign we executed. Offering the lumps of our expertise to the creative world, we further endowed it with the latest time-tested creative formulae. Today, Alaknanda, redefining the set norms, rewriting the advertising books, anticipating the future trends & psychologies of markets, is on the crossroads of a new era to welcome the future.

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